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What is a sleeve?

There are two types of sleeves, the most common is the clamping sleeve and the second is the removal sleeve.

An adapter sleeve is a part for mounting roller or ball bearings with tapered bores on cylindrical shaft seats or on shafts that are stepped. The sleeves are slotted and usually consist of a ring, a nut and a lock washer. For this type of sleeve, it is this assembly that is sold. These products are easy to mount and do not require any axial restraint. If the assembly is done on a smooth shaft, you will not have any constraints regarding the positioning of the sleeve on the shaft. However, when used on a stepped shaft with a support ring, it is possible that the bearing can be accurately positioned.

The withdrawal sleeve is used for mounting bearings with a tapered bore on the cylindrical seat of stepped shafts. It is inserted into the bore of the inner ring and rests on the shoulder of the shaft. This type of product must be mounted on the shaft with a clamping nut (type KM or HM). In contrast to the clamping sleeve, the nut must be purchased separately for the dismantling sleeve. You can find these products on the page "lock nuts".

How to choose your sleeve?

In order to choose the sleeve you need, it is necessary to know the part number of the bearing with which it will be mounted. Sleeves are mainly mounted with self aligning roller bearings and/or self aligning ball bearing with a tapered bore. These products are usually mounted on industrial machines and tools (mixer, agitator, gearbox, turbine, etc.). If you have any technical questions about the reference of the corresponding sleeve, please contact us.

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