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What is a oil filled plain bronze bush?

A oil filled plain bronze bush is a sintered bronze ring (alloy: bronze, iron and compact graphite bronze). They are recognizable by their porous structure. These products, also called bushings, are oiled by the manufacturer and can be used without maintenance. They are self-lubricating bushings. They are mainly used in dusty environments. They can also be mounted on applications where they will be in contact with water and/or fluids compatible with bronze. This product can withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C to + 160°C. Its load capacity is 35N/mm² and its friction coefficient is 0.12 ~ 0.18 μ. Their main characteristics are that they have high load capacity, good shock and vibration resistance and good thermal conductivity. You will generally find this range of products in the market of chemical industry, automotive industry, power transmission and electrical machinery, textile and tools.


What are the different types of oil filled plain bronze bush?

We offer several references of bronze rings on our site, the most common being :

  • BNZ
  • BMF
  • BMG
  • BMD
  • BMS
  • BAI

These rings have a different reference but they are intended for a similar use. Indeed, the references specify the standardizations to which they answer (French, German, English standardization) as well as the origin of the ribs (metric or imperial). It is therefore important to know that they are interchangeable.

How to choose a oil filled plain bronze bush ?

In order to choose the bronze ring you need, it is necessary to take its dimensions. Indeed, you will have to take the measure of its internal diameter, its external diameter and its length. Thus, you will have the necessary data to filter your search and identify the product you need. If necessary, you also have a category of oil filled flanged bronze bush.

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