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What is grease?

Grease is a type of lubricant used to reduce friction between moving parts. It is a viscous, semi-solid product that is applied to bearings, or other mechanical parts, to ensure proper operation. The main function of grease is to create a barrier between the surface of the part to be lubricated and the surrounding environment. It prevents corrosion and helps reduce wear.

Grease is usually composed of a base oil, a thickener and a set of additives. The base oil helps lubricate the bearing surfaces and the thickener provides consistency and viscosity. The additives can provide a variety of properties such as anti-wear, extreme pressure, oxidation resistance and load carrying capacity.

Why is lubrication necessary?

You should grease your various mechanical components because it provides the anti-wear and anti-oxidation treatment. It reduces friction between moving parts. As a result, your assembly will work better and last longer. Grease is useful in any application involving movement and high loads or temperatures.

Today, there is a multitude of different greases to meet every need. Here is a non-exhaustive list below:

  • Universal grease
  • Mechanical grease
  • Industrial grease
  • Agricultural grease
  • Marine grease

What are the consequences of a badly greased bearing?

The consequences of a poorly greased bearing can be serious. The main problems are increased wear and friction, as well as reduced bearing life. A poorly lubricated bearing can also cause overheating and seizures. This can be dangerous for motorcycle wheel bearings, for example. It is important to know that 36٪ of premature bearing failures can be attributed to inadequate lubrication.

How often should I grease my parts?

How often you should grease your parts depends on the operating conditions. For example, it is imperative to grease bearings during assembly. And afterward, it may be necessary to maintain the bearing with greasing as needed or every few months.

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