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What is a taper lock bushing ?

A taper lock pulley is a part of a mechanism used in power transmission systems, such as belt and pulley systems. Pulleys are wheels in steel with a groove around the outer edge, designed to accommodate a belt. Taper lock bushings are the central parts of pulleys, where the pulley is attached to a rotating shaft or axle. The taper lock bushing allows you to avoid machining your pulley depending on the assembly.

The pulley taper lock is often designed to fit securely over a motor shaft or other rotating axis. Once in place on the pulley with screws, the bushing transmits the rotation of the shaft to the pulley itself, which, in turn, transmits this movement to a connected belt. This allows power to be transferred from a motor or motion source to other parts of a mechanical system.

What are the different models of taper lock bushings ?

Taper lock bushings for pulleys are often designed to be removable to facilitate installation, maintenance or replacement of components. They can be made from a variety of materials depending on the specific load and usage requirements of the mechanical system.

How to choose your taper lock ?

In order to choose the suitable taper lock, it is necessary to know the type of pulley on which it will be mounted. We offer 4 models of trapezoidal pulleys, SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ belt pulleys. The types of taper lock bushings required are standardized depending on the desired pulley. Once the pulley reference has been identified, it will be quite easy for you to find the corresponding hub. For example, for the reference sheave 80-SPA-1-1210-OPTIBELT, the type of taper lock required is 1210. You will then have to choose the exact model according to the bore (diameter of your shaft).

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