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What is a v-ring seal?

V-Ring type seals are rotating shaft seals made up of a single lip which provide pressure-free sealing on all types of rotating shafts. Thanks to its centrifugal force, these seals can also be used to protect your mechanical part from grease, oil or dust.

How to choose your v-ring seal?

Choosing the appropriate v-ring is important to ensure reliable sealing on your various applications. There are mainly 3 models of v-ring seal:

  • VA profile seals: elastomer facial effect seals, V shape, with a flat rear face.
  • VS profile seals: facial effect seals in elastomer, V shape, with a conical rear face.
  • VL profile seals: V-shaped elastomer facial effect seals.

The v-rings seals can withstand an operating temperature ranging from -30 to +200°C and a speed of 10 m/s. The material is nitrile (NBR) or viton (FPM).

Find your range of v-ring seals on 123Bearing

To easily find your V-ring seals on the 123Bearing website, start by accessing the section dedicated to sealing products. Then use the search filters to specify the necessary dimensions based on the size of the shaft the joint will be mounted on. If you have the exact reference of the V-ring seal you are looking for, enter it directly in the search bar for a more precise search. Explore the different V-ring seal proposals, taking into account the available profiles such as VA, VS, or VL. 123Bearing will offer you a complete range of V-ring seals according to your specific needs.