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What is a drawn cup roller clutches?

A drawn cup roller clutches is a mechanical device that allows a transmission element to rotate in one direction while blocking its rotation in the other. It is composed in a similar way to a radial bearing, with rotating elements such as rollers or sprags mounted between an inner and outer ring.

In the permitted direction, the rotating elements are free to rotate and do not impede movement between the inner and outer ring. This allows the transmission to run smoothly in this direction. For example, on a bike with a freewheel, when you pedal forward, the rear wheel turns accordingly.

However, in the opposite direction, the rotating elements of the freewheel oppose the relative movement between the inner and outer ring. This blocks the rotation of the drive element, preventing any unwanted reverse movement. For example, when you stop pedaling forward on a bike equipped with a freewheel, the rear wheel locks and does not turn in the opposite direction.

Freewheels are often used on exercise bikes, rowing machines, hydraulic machines, elevators, conveyors, printing machines and textile machines.

What are the different types of drawn cup roller clutches ?

There are a large number of freewheels on the market, each with its own specific features. Below are the 3 main types of freewheel we offer:

  • CSK" freewheels
  • HF" freewheels
  • DC" freewheels
  1. CSK" freewheels are very similar to radial bearings. CSK" freewheels are, by definition, unidirectional. They are also known as "keyed" bearings, as they can be supplied with notches to accommodate keys. Keys are used to prevent the axle from turning on its own. Please note that keys are not included when purchasing freewheels. The notch may be present only on the inner ring (suffix P) or on the inner AND outer ring (suffix PP). CSK" type freewheels are available with or without notches, and in sealed (suffix 2RS) or unsealed (no suffix) versions.
  2. HF" freewheels are identical to "HK" type needle roller bearings. The difference between the two is that "HF" freewheels can only turn in one direction.
  3. DC" freewheels are sprag freewheels. They are generally composed of several sprags inserted in a double-cage structure.

How to choose your drawn cup roller clutches?

First and foremost, if you have the original freewheel part number, we recommend choosing exactly the same model. It's always best to opt for the type of freewheel originally fitted. In the absence of a reference, the key criteria for choosing a freewheel are mainly dimensions, notably inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness, as for other types of bearing.

Once you have the required dimensions, you need to determine the appropriate type of freewheel. As mentioned earlier, there are mainly three types of freewheel, which can be differentiated fairly easily by visual inspection. It's important to note that a single freewheel can be fitted in either direction, depending on your configuration. All you need to do is determine which direction you want the freewheel to block or allow rotation. Each freewheel is usually marked with an arrow indicating the direction in which it locks. You can then install it on your axle, turning the freewheel if necessary, according to the desired direction of rotation.

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