What is a belt and what is its role?

Belts are mechanical parts specifically designed to transmit motion and power between two elements. A belt is generally flexible. Different types of belts can be used to power machines. Some belts are more suitable than others depending on the stresses involved. For example, a V-belt is more suitable for power transmission. A Poly-v belt provides a better distribution of the belt tension on the pulley. The toothed belt will be best held in place and will avoid shifting.

What are belts used for?

Belts are used for many purposes, such as :

  • Domestic use: lawnmowers, dryers, washing machines.
  • Mechanical use: timing belts, accessory belts.
  • Industrial use: machine tools, concrete mixers, automobiles.
  • Agricultural use: tractor, agricultural machine.

What are the different types of belts?






There are also different brands of belts. 123Bearing has selected for you the most recognized brands in this sector: OPTIBELT, CONTITECH, MEGADYNE, GATES, etc.

How to choose your belt?

To choose your belt correctly, you have two possibilities. The first possibility, if you are lucky and your belt is not too damaged, is to identify the reference written on it. If this is not possible, you will have to take its dimensions. Generally, you have to measure its section (width x height) as well as its length. On the 123Bearing website, you can filter these products according to the model and dimensions.


To identify a belt, you need to know the following dimensions:

  • the width of the belt
  • the height of the belt
  • the length of the belt
  • the number of lugs (for poly-v and toothed types)
  • the pitch of the belt (for poly-v and toothed types)

Find your belt on 123Bearing

If you need a belt, 123Bearing can help you find the ideal product for your device, accessory, or vehicle. Today, we offer a wide range of V-belts, hexagonal belts, variator belts, timing belts, and poly-v belts. You can search for the belt by its reference, type, dimensions, and brand.

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